Solar Solutions

High Quality Solar PV Solutions that Benefit Customers


Whether grid-connected or off-grid with battery storage, Solar PV guarantees electricity day and night.

  • Interruption-free Power
  • Cost saving
  • Autonomy

Homes, Residences, Apartments and other Residential Buildings


Interruption-free electricity from Solar increases productivity while reducing energy cost at the same time.

  • Power back-up
  • Energy cost reduction
  • Eco-friendly electricity

Business Facilities, Offices, Hospitals, Supermarkets, Hotels and Schools


Solar power which is cheaper than from the utility grid reduces operational expenditures starting from day one.

  • UMEME + Diesel Saving
  • OPEX Reduction
  • Sustainable investment

Dairy, Food & Beverage, Tea, Coffee, Manufacturing and other Industries

Utility Scale

As one of the cheapest energy sources, Solar power plants will be a key component of the future electricity supply.

  • ¬†High-value Investment
  • Reliable + Durable
  • 100% Green

Utilities, IPPs, Project Developers, Investors and others.

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